Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gelicious - Strawberry Milkshake

In honour of the fact that I often get 'Milkshake' by Kelis stuck in my head* - this time I am wearing Strawberry Milkshake by Gelicious.

The colour is perfectly named but hard to capture with my phone.  I think this colour has gotten more notice then the other Gelicious colours I have tried.

In real life it isn't as pale.

Unfortunately I have found this one not as durable as I would have liked - this damage is 3 days in. 

As per usual it could be my application or it could also be that I've been extra hard on my nails.

This photo is more like the real colour

I'm on holidays now so was really hoping that this would last the fortnight because I don't have access to all my equipment and polishes so for now Im just going to put a clear coat of normal polish and hope for the best.

*What does that say about me? My husband gets either Papa Loves Mambo or Agadoo which tells me just how camp he really is under all that male testosterone.

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