Sunday, September 08, 2013

Aussie Curves - vulnerable side

So about ten years ago I didn't even realise that there was anything wrong with my arms, but apparently there was and I just needed the advice of a rude, socially inept woman to put me straight.

We were swimming at the local pool when the manager swam up to me and whispered conspiraciously (yes I did use that word),
'To get rid if those flabby teacher arms you need to do this,' as she waved her arms around in the water.

Shocked and speechless I swam over to my husband and told him that we were going, now.

From that point on I let that bitch's comment rule my wardrobe. 
What? A dress with no sleeves - no thank you,,, wait I could wear a cardigan over it.

So my aim the last year or so was to rebuild my confidence about this area of my body - I started by doing work with dumbbells. I'm still not all that happy about them but I usually don't have to worry about it because we have to wear sleeves at work.

At the moment I am making dresses for our choir, and I'm trying to convince myself that going up on stage with no sleeves will be okay, because we will need to move our arms for choreography and it's going to be hot as well.

Little steps though.

What I wore to a friend's surprise hen's night:

Dress - Virtue
Shoes - Toni Bianco
Necklace - Collette
Cami - Target

Not a single thing was said about my flabby teacher arms, shoes went down a treat though.

P.S. At the start of the week I shared a bit more about myself and my body image here.


  1. Love your outfit Pam and wish I could wear heels like that. Sometimes I wish I could reply to bitchy comments like that by saying something like, I can do something about my arms, its a pity about your personality!

    1. I can't really wear them either, long enough to get me to the venue, get myself a drink and find a seat.

      I personally think she was slightly autistic and missed a lot of social cues - her son was autistic and there is a genetic link for it. It still didn't take the sting out of it though :(

  2. OMG people can be so horrid at times! This dress is gorgeous and your arms look great

    1. Thank you! It felt good not to have to wear a cardigan over the top that's for sure.