Saturday, December 28, 2013

Aussie Curves - Cocktail

What I wore on Christmas:

Silky green skirt from Target
Black peplum top - peplum tucked in - from Rockmans
Silver belt from St Vinnies
Cat bag from Romwe
No shoes
Blue nail polish on toes,
 green on fingers

We didn't have cocktails but I did have some moscato!  

And yes that is a wall of One Direction in the background,,, my faux daughter is a 'bit' of a fan.  I bought her a 1D bed set so I was checking out how it looked in her bedroom.


  1. Beauuutiful maxi skirt-- it drapes so well on you!

  2. that cat bag is ADORABLE! love the green skirt too!

    1. I know - I saw it on pinterest and tracked down where to get it in a few minutes... then bought it.

  3. Love the green skirt with the silver belt, great combo! Love, love, love the cat bag!