Monday, December 09, 2013

Plans - Xmas holidays edition

This is the official first day of my holidays.

 Work plan:

I went into work though at 10am and worked until 3pm without lunch - just munching on whatever I had. My aim was to get my senior English unit planning done, which I did!!!

This term I'm going to trial a paperless unit, which means everything has to be digital and accessible for my students on their tablets. I'm excited because I've always liked the idea, but because we didn't have student laptop or tablets we had to book into the computer room, blah! So anyway, it's all done - 'handouts', 'worksheets', assessment tasks, lesson plans ready to go.

 I would like to get a head start on the next unit for this group of kids so I won't have to worry about them until half way through the year, but I do have to work on my other classes before that. So anyway, my first week of the holidays will involve me going into work and planning for the rest of my classes.  

House plan:

 Before I head off to work I want to get a bit of house work done.
 - downstairs declutter
 - Christmas decorations
- my office desk
- dining table declutter
- wardrobe sort
- jewellery draws
- pantry sort
- sewing room - OMG what a mess!

 In the afternoons I want to get some cleaning done.
 - washing clothes
- folding clothes
- clean down all doors
- air-cons
- the usual stuff really  

Sewing plan:

 I want nice easy sewing this holidays, mostly.

- Scout woven tee from Grainline
- Suzy pant from Tessuti Fabrics
- Mandy boat tee from Tessuti Fabrics
- Tania culottes from Megan Neilson
- green skirt from my own pattern
- skinny tee from my own pattern
- maybe the Washi dress by Made by Rae

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