Saturday, December 14, 2013

Costume Jewellery Storage

I used to keep jewellery on a tree from Ikea, but then it got too full.

I used to keep jewellery on hooks glued in my cupboard, but this too got too full and the hooks fell off.  Also it's so hot the glue melts at times.

Then I bought an awesome filing cabinet for $10 at a garage sale.  It took me a while to use it because I wanted to spray it red but couldn't find the right paint locally.  I started to move my jewellery into it mid year.  There are still some pieces floating around the house but I'm getting there.

Each draw is labelled with the colour it holds. 

Top two drawers are for Erstwilder.

One of my favourite drawers - Rainbow!

I need another one of these for my nail polishes and another for my stationary and art stuff, if I can I would also like one for my sewing... A girl can dream.

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