Saturday, December 21, 2013

Aussie Curves - Resort

In a few weeks I will actually be at a resort,,, in Thailand.  I'm so excited because it will be my first time overseas.  However, although we are staying at a 'resort' it is in rural Kanchanaburi. We've street viewed the place and it is surrounded by farms :)

Plus, every second day I've booked us on an adventure - so we won't just be lazying by the pool all the time wearing luxurious resort wear.  Seeing as we will be going to rural villiages and temples and all that tourist stuff, I've been reading that we should be conservative with our clothing.

Then I started thinking about what would a Thai actually wear? So I went fashion blog hunting and found this one - Thai Trend Spotting.

Slouch pants (pattern) with a white top and sandals - camera optional.

Sewing challenge - make a pair of slouch pants and a white top because I still don't have a white t-shirt.

Navy floral skirt (elastic waist band) with grey top and jelly type sandals.

Sewing challenge - make a tube skirt using the left over navy floral fabirc and a gray top.

Cheetah top and tan leggings.

Sewing challenge - cheetah top and a neutral leggings ( I don't do tan).

Then while I was searching pinterest for slouch pants, I came upon these from Piper Gore:

Sewing challenge - chambray slouch pants.


I wore this today - it was comfortable.  So glad I put pockets into the skirt.  The shirt was made with the Kirstyn kimono tee pattern.

Chambray pants -put pockets in everything actually!  These look like PJ bottoms though... actually both pants use the pattern I made from an old pair of PJs so they really are comfy.

White top - same Kirstyn kimono pattern.

Patterned slouch pants with the leopard pattern - decided I needed pants more then the top.

So I like these but,,, the brown spots ended up being in the worst places.  So I'm not sure if I can wear them without being conscious of those big brown patches!  I can break the back spot with pockets but I'm not too sure about the front!

So anyway - the skirt and the tee shirts are coming with me to Thailand - not sure about the pants.


  1. Wow you made all those things!! I love those leopard pattern pants! They look great on you and so comfy! You should definately take them with you!

    1. Thank you! I think I will pack them because they are comf. Sorry about the lateness of my reply - Christmas really got me good.

  2. LOVE the chambray pants outfit. I need a pair of those babies myself! Great work on the post. Love the style spotting element.

    1. Thank you, I'm going to get some more chambray fabric in a darker colour for another pair. Sorry about the lateness of my reply - Christmas really got me good.

  3. you totally nailed it! especially love the leopard pants! hope you had a fab trip :)

  4. Jeez skills!! They look fabulous, you really suit this style!

  5. Love them all, but I think my favourites are the whole leopard print pants combo (love the necklace, shoes etc.. didn't even notice the brown spot palcements!) and the skirt with the jelly shoes (damn, I need to get some of those babies)! On a side note, the Thai Trend Spotting blog is fab, have a great holiday! :)