Sunday, January 19, 2014

Aussie Curves - Breaking the Rules

Whenever I read this week's theme I got this song stuck in my head.  I'm not the only one right? Just to share that experience here is a YouTube vid of it:

I'm actually not following two of my own guidelines today.

- Tucked in
- Pleats on the belly

The tucked in guideline is one that I like to flirt with - I can sometimes pull off with a skinny t or a leotard.  I have a short torso and large bust which makes it look ridiculous with anything else. 

I could pull my waist band further down my body to elongate my torso, but I have heart/high/apple hips which means that my pants would fall down easily if I do.

A heart hip means that my high hip sticks out quickly and then comes back in again  before jutting out again for my thigh.  I used to be so conscious of it - when I was a teen I thought I was deformed. You can see these pictures if you still have no idea what I'm talking about.

And here is a sewing video as well

For one of my assignments at uni I made my own skirt pattern based upon my measurements and when I showed my sewing lecturer she made some snide comment about the fact that I had drawn my hip line wrong, but it was based on my measurements and fitted perfectly.

Because my heart hip is so pronounced it does make shopping for knickers a pain in the ass (literally) because you have to go all granny or skimpy string for your knickers to stay up and not bunch together into the dip. Too much info?

The other one is the no pleats on the belly.  I generally try not to have much going on over my tummy.  I even avoid pants/jeans with a fly wherever possible. I've got a round belly (don't we all?) so instead of flowing over the curve, pleats and zips kind of stick out.  I hate zips that make me look like I have a hard on - they are the worst.

Anyway - I've been dieing to buy some hammer pants - because they would work with a tucked in top and the fabric would be soft enough to drape.  I bought two while I was at the DFO City Chic in Brisbane on my way home from Thailand - I think were were $15 each.

top - Big W
pants - City Chic
necklace - City Chic


  1. I love those pants! you look fab!

  2. Holy mackerel, I LOVE those trousers! I'm not usually big on prints, but those are actually breathtaking!


    1. They are great - I wish I could have gotten more in other prints.

  3. You look great! I want this entire outfit!!

  4. Breakin' the law! Breakin' the law! Now I've got that song in my head! You look fab, I love those pants! I'm with you - as my mother would say, "You're short waisted" and from your description, I also have the hip dip. I remember wearing a pleated skirt and feeling like a baby elephant wearing a tu-tu! But I've found that if I wear a tight top with a pleated skirt it is fine.

    1. Short waisted hip dips unite! I know what you mean about the baby elephant thing. Leotards are great for me but the ones I have at the moment don't fit haha!