Monday, January 20, 2014

New year's resolutions

I like making resolutions. 

I make a whole bunch and then tend to keep a few of them.

The most important one again this year is:

- Fitness

I don't really care if I gain or lose weight as long as I feel fit.  Actually I lie - I don't like fluctuating in weight because it means my clothes stop fitting. Towards the end of last year I didn't feel fit and right now I'm even worse.  Going on holiday does not help me!

- Create

Painting is on the cards again. I want to Zentangle.  I want to make paper beads.

- Sew

I am going to enter into Made by Me.  I will be pledging to wear something I have made or altered every day of May.


I'm also going to sew clothes for my dolls - because I have been so lax with this hobby. Now that I have had a little time away from my collection, I will also sell off a few dolls.

- Grow

Actually grow some plants.  I like having indoor plants but the last year I don't think I had one single plant.  Outside, I want to get a garden growing - only pot plants though.  I'm going to set up an irrigation system and everything.

- Make Up

I love make up.  For someone that doesn't wear a lot of it, I own a fair bit. I could spend an hour or two in Big W or Payless just swatching colours and selecting what I want. What I want to do is nail down a make-up routine that will take only a few minutes so that I will wear my make up! I also want to figure out what I really want and like to use. And then I really want to designate my own make-up space.  I started last year and it has worked well but I want to build on it.

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