Friday, January 24, 2014

My current make up routine


I put my mascara on before my eye shadow because I'm a lot messier with it and it's easier to remove with a cotton bud when I don't have to worry about ruining my shadow.  I've gotten a lot better because for the last few years I have used a piece of torn off cardboard or an old business card behind my lashes so I literally paint the mascara on.  I've now started using a spoon - watch this highly entertaining video:

I'm going to have to try using it to put on liquid eye liner but I think I'll skip the eyelash curling.

I tend to buy a variety of mascaras, usually waterproof and rotate through them, if I don't like it I will toss it straight away.  Today I'm using Essence Get Big Lashes and I have no complaints.

Eye Primer

I have a small tube of Napolean Perdis that doesn't seem to end.  It also does the job well.

Eye Shadow

Don't hate me but I love cream shadows. I find them so easy to use.  Powder shadow has too much fall out and I find that it irritates my eyes.

A lot of the cheaper creams don't have much lasting power or pigment but I can highly recommend Max Factor's Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow. At the moment I am wearing Pearl Beige as my brow and inner eye highlight and Coffee over my lid - blended together.  It's been on all day, and yes the colours aren't as strong as this morning but still noticeable.

Invisible Zinc

I smudge a bit of zinc on the areas that I worry about like where my glass sit, the tip of my nose, chin and around my lips.  I don't do all over because zinc is thick and heavy and because it sits on the skin I find it washes me out if I do.

Tinted Sunscreen

I usually wear Sun Sense 50+. It's light coloured and feels nice on.  I am trying Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinke SPF 15 which is oka but it is darker and doesn't protect me as long as Sun Sense. I bought it because it was in a smaller tube for carrying overseas.

Lip stick

I have a bit of a thing for lipstick.  I really love the ones that last for ages like Maybelline 14 hr Lipstick or the 24 hour type ones.  But I also like chubby sticks - I'm wearing Sally Hansen Colorfast but I also have Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains as well.  Like mascara I really haven't got a preference as long as the colour is nice, I even have a few Coral Colours - I use  a lip pencil under them and blot and they seem to say on for ages.

I also use ChapStick with SPF 30.

What I would like

I only wear liquid eye liner when I'm going out somewhere special but I wouldn't mind trying it for day wear.

Sometimes I run a pencil liner under the top lid of my eye to make my lashes look thicker - it's apparently called tightlining.  I would like to buy a nude colour for my lower water line because white just doesn't seem to look good on me.

I'd also like to start lightly contouring my face but I don't really have anything to do it with anymore. 

The other thing that I really want to do is extend my eye shadow collection, with quality powder shadows, and maybe try some more creams.

So that's it.  I don't usually wear foundation and when I do I usually mix it with a bit of sorbolene cream. I don't use blush or powders either. I'm pretty lucky that I have nice skin and I don't want to hide it. 

My cleansing routine hasn't changed since I stopped using Clearasil in high school - face washer and warm water while I'm in the shower.  I will use eye make-up wipes in the evening but I find they sting my eyes so I want to find a nicer option.

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