Tuesday, March 04, 2014


This year I really wanted to get creative, but sometimes I haven't got the energy or time to think creatively.

So when Cassie Stephens announced the Artsty Book Club - and the book that they were starting with, which is: One Drawing A Day: A 6-Week Course Exploring Creativity with Illustration and Mixed Media (One A Day), I was like, I'm all over this!

So I bought the book on Kindle, and then I waited until I could get to civilization to buy some visual art diaries.  While on Amazon I also saw a few other 6-week courses that I liked and bought this as well:  One Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun (One A Day)

I'm not going to share every drawing that I do, but I thought I would just show you a couple from the last two days:

And this is my Drawing a Day effort for today:

I think I am going to struggle with some of the Drawing a Day themes simply because of where I live - I don't like anywhere near a forest or crowds of people... I'm already using Google images and Pinterest for my sources. I'll make a Pinterest board.

The other thing is that it asks for pens and things that I just don't have so I'm winging it on the materials. But still, I like it so far.

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