Sunday, March 09, 2014

Week 10

A little bit pretty was my theme for this week's spread.

Washi - eBay chiyogami designs
Korean stickers - eBay
Heart stickers - etsy harvard5f
Note paper - present from my in-law years ago
Floral sticker - etsy harvard5f
Dymo label tape - etsy harvard5f

Still trying to get through my to do list - they were left overs from the weeks before!

I so feel accomplished because Ihave finished office desk.  Here is a peek inside my new drawers. 

This has been a very slow project 
• making the sorters
• building the drawers
• buying new pen drawers
• sorting, sorting, sorting
• moving everthing to make it work

So that's it at the moment.  It still not perfect - the pink drawers need sorting and I'm not in love with the yellow hold-all.  But it's done.

My next job in this room is my overflowing shelves of work related books.

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