Saturday, March 01, 2014


I have a love hate relationship with school camp.  There is so much work leading up to it - planning for my classes while I am away - paperwork and letters - phone calls etc

And then when you are on camp it's 24hrs of care.  When you are having a well deserved hot shower and someone else's kids is yelling through the door for permission to whatever it is they want you really start to question why.  Also in the middle of the night you deal with a sleep walker.  Also when you are waiting in a dark hallway to make sure everyone has gone to sleep. Also when home sickness sets in... 

But there are good things.  Like teaching kids that they can prepare a meal. Or how to wash up - using hot soapy water, who would have thought - dishwashers have a lot to answer for.  Seeing kids do something they were scared of, like climb and then jump off a 10m pole.

I'm glad it's over for another year and I'm back at comfortable home, but I am proud of myself again this year.  I climbed up a huge pole and then rode the flying fox back down. My muscles are still complaining but that's okay.

I don't have a lot if photos on then phone that doesn't include kids' faces so these will have to do.

The stupid stairs we climbed up and down a couple of times a day.

The bark that you land in which gives you  splinters.

The 5:30am start as we drove away from home to arrive 7 or so hours later at camp.

At least I got to go shopping on the last day!


  1. Sounds like fun :)

    1. It was - but also exhausting because it's so physical - I think I'm still getting over it. Thank you for your comment.