Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lilac Dot Dress

I don't have a problem with pastels, it's just that I am a really messy and clutsy person so I have long realised that light coloured pastels are a magnet for any number of stain inducing accidents. But sometimes I see a pastel number and think,,, 'I want'. For instance this outfit from Scathingly Brilliant - who I must admit I have a little crush on. Fuck, I want her hair.

This is a Dorothy Perkins dress, it's 32 pounds which doesn't seem too expensive to me - but alas if only it could be guaranteed to fit - and once again I don't like the back - bras people!!! Also the neck line would make my bust look gi-bloody-normous.

Fabrics that I think would work for this dress:

Cotton Fabric- PURPLE DOTS 1.5 yards

Purple Yellow Large Polka Dot CANDY PARTY by Kokka Lemon

Michael Miller Fabric Ta Dot Grape

Rile Blake Promenade Purple Dots by Cyndi Walker

So now that you know about my crush on Kate from Scathingly Brilliant, I'll also link to Miss Tallulah Porkchop. I've always like the name Tallulah, and one of my cutesy nicknames from my husband is Porkchop - it's like I was destined to find this woman's blog. Her shoes, her tights, her whole outfits.

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