Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today is the first day in weeks that I feel human. I can't seem to hold down a whole big meal at the moment since I wasn't able to eat much while I was sick and I think my stomach shrunk, also my throat is sensitive from so much coughing, but my coughing has subsided to mornings and evenings, I have my voice back, I'm not feeling sore, I'm thinking relativity clearly.

Time for a little motivation now to do some exercise again.

Come one Pammy! Get up and do something physical!!!

My exercise ball and 'dumbbells' arrived yesterday. Dumbbells are in quotes because they actually sent me toning balls - Doh! I sent them an email letting them know their mistake but honestly I can't be bothered to return them.  We'll see how we go.  I also have to figure out how to blow up the ball - that way I can use it as my office seat and look out for some fitness videos for it.

Photos tomorrow I promise.

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