Monday, May 28, 2012

Photos of interest

I thought that this would be a simple post - just sharing my reward system etc. But the photos ended up being sideways - so I had to Google a fix - turns out I need to use Picasa - so I did that.  Anywhooo,,, photos!

This is my weighing station - just outside of the bathroom sits my scales, my shoes and my shoe calendar.  I'm going to write up my weekly weight on Mondays when I remember.  I'm also using stickers on the days I workout. Please ignore the case of beer there - they are probably out of date but here people use a barter system for favours - my husband must have done something great to earn a whole carton of beer!

This is my cat Squish.  He's the baby and has abandonment issues, so has to know what you are doing at all times. I'm taking a photo of you, der...look how worried he is...

Cute jar that at one time had awful toffees that were thrown out.  It sits in my office on top of my stationary draws. The white box with the grey pattern contains the glass pebbles. The storage containers behind them are just plain old boxes that I trimmed up and wrapped in some fun jelly bean wrapping paper.  I do that a lot.

Cutest top ever! While I was sick I decided to cheer myself up by buying some clothing that was cute and that before I had lost weight wouldn't have fitted into!  It's a size 18 but it comes from a 'normal sized' clothing company, not a 'plus sized' one. I also need to take it in at the sides.  Oh, you can just see our other cat, Chihiro sitting beside the top - that white fluffy thing.

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