Thursday, May 10, 2012

What do I want? What do I need?

I quickly jotted down the amount of time I spent in the various activities that I do and made a pastel pie chart that's nice enough to eat.

As you can see, I sleep a lot.

Actually I sleep on average 8 hours a night, but I do spend a fair chunk of my evenings and my weekend wearing my PJs. Yes, I'm lazy like that.  In fact, I'm wearing them now but that is more because I am home with a cold. So my first thought is that what I really need are clothes that I can sleep comfortably in, but also look like casual clothing.  Genius!

I spend about a third of my time in work clothes.  I'm a teacher so I tend to dress somewhat business casual, semi-professional, semi-corporate - whatever the term is.  I need to be able to do my job comfortably but still look good when visitors come a-visiting. I've heard that you dress for the job that you want.  I want to be an artistic Home Economics teacher that takes English classes and a few art classes on the side. That's almost what I am now. I have a reputation for wearing fun, interesting, fashion forward clothes - sometimes, if I'm lucky, I get squeals of delight.

I'm surprisingly social. We go 'out' to dinner once a week with friends. We often go over to places houses to eat as well. Every now and then I go to an event like the races.

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