Saturday, May 26, 2012

Links and motivation

Great YouTube channels include:
Popsugartvfit - 10 minute workouts
Redrita12 - longer vids some taken from Exercise TV. Lots of these look hard - I like the look of the Dorm Room Workout.
FigureRobics - Not necessarily a single channel but an example of where you can get it from. Cute Japanese doing workouts.
Sparkpeople - the first youtube fitness vids I found
Blackcutegirl's - Lesmills Bodyjam videos

I'm really trying to motivate myself into exercising. I really have taken a step backwards and feeling demotivated, mainly because when I do exercise I am disappointed that I'm not a fit as I think I should be. I know that in other people that would be a great motivator - like competing against yourself to get fit again.  I'm just not competitive. So for now I'm looking for extrinsic rewards.

I used to use stickers as a reward - but I no longer print my exercise sheets out - I should but I don't. Maybe I will buy some new stickers and start that again.

I kind of like this idea - sorry I don't know where it really came from other than pinterest.  But my money is my money and I can spend my money when I like within reason... plus I never have any change to put into a jar.

This one I've seen around heaps. Would work well, but I'm metric and kilos are larger than pounds so it would feel like I'm not getting anywhere.

Maybe I could combine those two together - every time I exercise I put a glass pebble into a glass container? That way I can see my progress.

I did this workout this morning: I didn't find it hard, I was just really clumsy. This is going to my video for the week.

Going to go and find a pretty jar or something...

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