Saturday, February 11, 2012

I made it

through a whole 40 odd minutes of Zumba Cardio Party.  I was about to die at one stage and checked to see how much longer I had to go - I was half way   (~_~;)

I now remember why I didn't get into Zumba very much, the music is annoying.  I can't ever seem to work out the random beats that I'm meant to clap to for example, or when the next change in step should be because the chorus seems to come randomly.  I'm a pretty musical person but Zumba music makes me fail.

I also find a few steps really complicated - in this one there are two steps that I just cannot get (and they aren't explained very well in the beginner DVD) but they happen to be used for the majority of a song - I end up making it up and getting it wrong.

I think I might just stick to doing dance cardio off youtube so I don't get angry with myself for being such a clutz.

Change of topic:

My fabrics for my workout clothing arrived yesterday - they are in the wash right now. The colours and patterns ended up being pretty nice - I bought them from Fabric Frenzy.

I ended up wearing a new t-shirt of my husbands to Zumba during the week.  He was given it for Christmas, and hadn't worn it yet so I figured he wouln't miss it.  But look at the cute t-shirts I found:



White cats

Black cats

I'm not going to buy any - I was just looking.

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