Thursday, February 23, 2012

P'd off an it's only just 7am

This morning I got up and thought I would try one of my new DVDs - 10 Minute Solution Rapid Results Fat Burner. I thought that if I did only 10 minutes this morning I should be right to go to Zumba tonight.  We now have Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Try here is an understatment.  The instruction giving was poor, new steps were added straight after competing the latest step twice, each set included too many moves.  People's short term memory can on average cope with 7 things, for it to 'make it' into working memory it should be rehearsed/repeated.  The two workouts I tried did not allow for this at all. The other thing I don't get is that the routines were not symetrical, as in you would do a grape vine set and at one end of the grape vine have to do star jumps, but not at the other - why do instructors do this? Will I be trying this DVD again soon? NO.

Great start to the day.

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