Sunday, February 05, 2012

My daily meals

I thought I would post about what I usually eat:

Up and Go popper
Piece of homemade wholemeal banana and almond bread thawed from frozen
2 homemade wholemeal pikelets thawed from frozen
Nut bar
I should have fruit here!!!
I'm also too lazy to eat breakfast cereal!!!

Lunch (@ work - I usually only have 20 or so minutes to eat lunch before I’m on playground duty)
Cold cut meat on a tortilla
Can of tuna on 6 Vitawheats
Chicken salad burger on Thursdays from tuckshop

Afternoon Tea (@ work - usually eaten on the go or at my desk and is rarely finished)
¼ cup of mixed nuts and dried fruit – almonds, cashews, goji berries, cherries, pineapple, pawpaw
Homemade oat and dark chop chip wholemeal brownie thawed from frozen

Afternoon Snack
4 squares of dark chocolate
Apple with peanut butter
3-4 rice/corn cakes with a little margarine – before you go and rant – Australian marg has the lowest level of trans fats in the world plus I use a cholesterol lowering one (Flora Pro-Active Lite)
Cheese on 6 Vitawheats with a little margarine
Yoghurt (with chia seeds if I remember)

Depends on who is cooking –
Tonight I’m making poached eggs and smoked salmon on a toasted whole meal bun with a little margarine.
Tomorrow night I’m making spinach ravioli in tomato pasta sauce.
The day after that I will probably have stir fry.

I usually drink 600ml-1 litre of water at work. I probably drink a cup in the morning and after workouts.  I also drink a cup when I get home from work and some at night before bed. I drink straight from a big bottle. I also have been allowing myself 600ml of Pepsi Max a day - maximum! I don't drink tea or coffee - it's crazy to want to drink boiling water when it's easily 35C - I don't understand how people do it. I will also drink 200ml of UHT milk every now and then.

As you can see I’m not a big fruit and veg eater – I’m so bad. I should add a fruit for breakfast and add carrot sticks for an afternoon snack. For most of my baking I use Spenda or just reduce the sugar amount. On the weekends I'm a little looser with what I will eat, for instance C might buy me a pie, have a handful of chips, and every Friday we go out for dinner at the pub - were I will have 1-2 drinks.

On a side note - I went for my walk to the shops. The owner thought I was a little crazy walking in the heat. The straps on my backpack killed my sunburn.

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