Saturday, February 04, 2012

Signed up!

Yesterday was the sign up day for Zumba.

Yesterday was also our school's swimming carnival, so after the day at the pool a few of us (teachers) were sitting downstairs in the cool, relaxing and having a chat.  I reminded everyone that it was sign up day - as we are all pretty keen to do it - then we started talking about how she might do an actual jazz class if we asked her.

Sunny and I went down straight after that, we asked Em (the dance instructor) if she was thinking about doing an adult's dance class. She hadn't really thought of doing it because of past experiences, but we put our name down for it. Bec and Eb also went down later and put their name on the list as well.

So, I'm pretty keen to exercise with friends instead of in my lounge!  But then I started thinking about what I would wear.  What you see in the photos I take is what I wear to workout - probably not good enough for a gathering.

I have also been looking into moisture wicking fabrics to make some more exercise gear - but for today I'm going to sit down and sew another pair of 3/4s and may be a top using the lyrca blends I have here.

Plus I have been thinking about getting myself a short sleeved leotard to wear with my maxi skirts - so I ended up finding this on line shop which seemed like the only place to buy them in my size - I also grabbed a pair of jazz/yoga pants.  The postage killed!!! Purhaps I should try and get some patterns for these in future.

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