Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 12

What's Motivating Me This Week?
I made my own motivational image - might post it on Pinterest.

That's a photo of my yoga mat.

Also, Zumba has moved to an air-conditioned venue!

What's Puzzling Me This Week?

Do I want a treadmill?

What's Bugging Me This Week?
Not much actually.  I'm doing great!

What's Encouraging Me This Week? 
All of my measurements went down from last fortnight. 

Week 1 
Bust 121cm
Waist 105cm
Hip 123cm
Thigh 69cm

Week 12
Bust 120.5cm
Waist 105cm
Hip 120.5cm
Thigh 66cm

Difference lost
Bust 1.5cm
Waist nil
Hip 2.5cm
Thigh 3cm

What's the Plan?
Giving my legs a bit of rest since they are so sore!

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