Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I love the word pants! It's probably my best go-to non-swearword, that and holy snapping ducks - my husband adds shit on the end of that one.

Today I realised that I didn't need to undo my button or zipper to pull down my 3/4 jeans, which I had bought over the Christmas holidays. It's a sign!!! There is a lot of extra room around my thighs aswell. These pants originially were slim fit.

While I was away I had to ditch my plan - I went for a walk/hike with my dad for an hour. I also did the brisk walk away with the Sparkpeople music twice. I didn't do anything today as I woke up at 4am (holy snapping duck shit!) to catch my first flight. I got home after lunch and prompty tried to nap - didn't work because of the constant ringing of my phone - so I'm tired and cranky and not really upto an hour of social Zumba.

I did however purchase a heap of exercise DVDs from BigW - woot! More variety.  However I will finish off this week following the plan - pilates tomorrow :(

My unitard and jazz pants arrived today. To be honest I'm disappointed - not of the quality or the service - just because they would be so easy to make.  I'll have to take the jazz hems up - and they aren't particulary flattering although comfortable. The unitards are a little short for my body but should be good to go if I lose just a tiny fraction more, but I could wear them tomorrow if I wanted.

Okay - I'm off to find my pillow.

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