Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let's talk about boobs

Yesterday I saw this hilarious comic called, Busty Girl Comics. All of the comics spoke to me, because they are all so true!

I'm posting two that relate to my blog today, but you MUST go the actual website and read all of them!

I have lost count the amount of times I have said that last bit!

This is me when I do star jumps. 
Star jumps is too pretty a name for the torture that they bring me.

As a women with the hugest boobs that I have ever seen - I know that there are people bigger than me but I've never met them - I really don't get much of a choice of sports bras. I look at my friends and the people in exercise vids with envy.

The bra that I use, Energize by Elomi, is here (Brava) and here (Big Girls Don't Cry).  It's not pretty, it comes in black, white and skin. I wear them every day - for exercise and for work because they do a very good job, most of the time, except when I have to jump. I do have a few 'nice' bras for when I want to feel pretty.

I saw these, D+ Max by Shock Absorber, at Brava yesterday, and saw that the blue ones were on sale. I'm in between a HH and J cup, so luckily they had a HH in my size, in stock.  I can't wait to wear it - probably over my Energize bra.

The other bra that I would like to try is this one,  Triaction High Performance. It's obviously not for jumping in and it's not as stylish as the D+ Max.

The only other sports bra that I have tried and can get in my size is this, Impact Free by Royce. It fits well, and is quite comfortable, but it has a huge chunk of Velcro on the back that can stick into you and make tearing noises when you move. The bottom band also flips up on me. I rarely use this one.
So there you go, a 'brief' discussion about bras, being that there is so few choices available to me :)

Edit: Wearing the D+ Max over the Energize is awesome. These puppies only move a litte. It is a little uncomfortable under the arm with the two layers squishing everything in but I think that is a small price to pay for not having to worry about bouncing boobs.

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