Monday, April 09, 2012

Power on!

So, the Easter long weekend kind of stuffed up my plan. We went camping and then C stayed at home and convinced me lay on the couch all day watching the X Files with him and enjoying each other's company. 

I did however download a new app, Get Running, which is for running obviously, but I'm using it on our bike. I did the first 'run' last night. It's quite good, except today I have a sore butt because the bike seat isn't the most comfortable - I'll have to take a squiz at it later.

I do have to say that I feel really strong and fit at the moment. My husband often makes fun of me that I wiggle whenever I hear music, but lately I've actually been dancing and kicking as well - just because I can.

I was reading this article about the phases of fitness - I'm pasting them here but please read the original article.

  •  Excitement and Highly Motivated
  •  Doubt Toward Goals
  •  Conquer Doubt
  •  Total Change in Energy Level / Confidence
  •  Make New Fitness Goal / Challenge
I can really see how the phases happens for me, I've only just gotten over the doubt step and hopefully into the conquering bit, I just now have do some exercise. Tomorrow I'll get on the bike again and kick some arse with the Shape Up - Front DVD.

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