Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week,,, wait what week is this? 19.

What's Motivating Me This Week?
Back to school, keeping up a good routine.

What's Puzzling Me This Week?

My scales arrived this week but there is a pretty big difference between what the Wii says and what these scales say. I'll post about it later.

What's Bugging Me This Week?
Not much actually. 

What's Encouraging Me This Week? 
My calves are awesome.

What's the Plan?
Get walking again, the music and the exercise will really get me going in the mornings. 
Fitting in the bike rides.
Did 'Jullian Michael's Cardio Kickbox' this morning. I was a little frightened but I did alright!  I did a little better then the easy option, next week I'll 'kick' it up a notch.


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