Wednesday, April 04, 2012

My thoughts

After my workout this morning and after I bought my scales, I read 'Sweet Poison'.

The first thing I checked was if there was a list of references or a bibliography. There really wasn't. This didn't put me in good stead for the actual book.

It was an entertaining read, it was interesting, it reflected a lot of my training in nutrition, but it was a persuasive text rather than an analytical text.  It was persuading me that fructose was basically evil and that I need to cut it out of my diet - which yes I agree with - but it made out that correlations between data sets was actual proof that fructose was the only cause for western affluent diseases, like heart attacks. Overall it was a great way to spend most of my day, and made me feel guilty about wanting to eat a Creme Egg.

We then went to dinner at a friend’s house. They had found a food diary app and have been filling in theirs.  My own food diary app keeps crashing and so I had given up. Therefore I was interested in this new one, MyFitnessPal. It’s pretty cool so far.  Before I plugged in my details I needed to know how much I weighed – so I used their Wii Fit. I'm 96.5 Kg, I guessed 95 so I wasn’t too far off. This puts me in the obese category - surprise surprise.

My friend’s husband was being very defensive about the whole keeping a food diary issue – as in, he kept defending his food choices and his lifestyle and about why he shouldn’t have to keep one, but I don’t see a problem with it unless it becomes absorbing.  These sorts of things are, in my opinion, good to keep you honest about the foods you eat (no more lying to yourself) and gives you a ‘rough’ guide to how well you are going. Even after eating a Creme Egg I was still below my suggested calories.

I also had to give myself a goal weight. I picked 80. It seems like a nice number.  So far I think my only goal has been to lower my hip to waist ratio, which is still 0.86.  Grrr.

The other cool thing about today was that I saw an image for – which is now

I think that is pretty clever, except I don’t want to use rubber bands, maybe I can make up elastic beaded bracelets.  I drink from a 1.5 L bottle, so I suppose I take one off every time I have a huge drink? Or maybe I put one on, every time I have a huge drink. Let me think about this some more.

Holy cow, what an essay?

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