Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sick as bro

This week has been a total wipe out. I've been so sick and haven't done any exercise except on Sunday.  Zumba is on tonight but I would die.So you don't get exercise stuff or photos of me until the weekend.

I will link you this great article A Fearless First: Spin Class.  Hilarious. This explains why I haven't done too much on the bike like I had planned. I'm puttin off buying a seat cover - I don't know why.

I did buy myself some new dumbells - 2kg (thats 4 poundish) and a swiss ball that were on sale. I really wanted 1.5kg so I will see how I go once they arrive.  I might surprise myself.

Being sick means that I have lost a bit of weight this week. I need to come up with a weighting routine, I'd better research this a little more.

Although I wasn't physically productive this week - I did manage to read the Hunger Games series. 2 days of just being in bed, and being a fast reader helps. My sister-in-law recommended it. I now know what this means:

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