Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aussie Curves: Purple

I've thought about this challenge for a while. I have quite a bit of purple in my cupboard but I just couldn't decide what to actually wear. I did think of just wearing purple every day this week but I thought I would get bored.

I went with this because yesterday I ended up getting some nasty chaffing between my legs - sorry about the over share HAHA! I had decided to try some anti-chaffing stuff and go without the bike pants and had been doing great all day until I walked home - two blocks away. It got to 40'C yesterday in the shade. When I walked home it felt like 70 in the sun.

So anyway it was nasty. I needed a comfortable maxi and support short things today. Bonus that I have a maxi skirt with purple!

Top - Big W - Avella - these are go to tops

Skirt - Citychic - it photographed all cool and ombré but it isn't really

Black beaded necklace

Shoes - Rubi


  1. That is one beautiful skirt. Just lovely

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Start again - silly thing! Thank you, the skirt looks really cool in the photo - more so than real-life

  2. You look great in this outfit! Love the colour and the lines of the skirt. Awesome.

    {Just so you know, with the linky, it's best if you can link directly to the curves post, a lot of people visit weeks, even months after they get posted and it'll be long gone from the front page of your blog.}

    1. Oh no! I must have copied in the wrong URL! I must have had both the whole blog and the post open in different tabs :(

      Anyway - thank you for the compliment!

  3. Anonymous4:05 pm

    That skirt is gorgeous :) You look lovely!