Sunday, January 06, 2013

Zara top inspiration

I saw this photo on Pinterest:

I can't find it on the Zara website anymore so they must have sold out or something. But you know I wouldn't have bought it anyway.  It would be just a simple gray marle t-shirt with a bit of lace running down the sleeve. I so want to sew that!!!

Here is some gray marle on Ebay:  Click on the photos to go to the link.

Then I did a search for some nice lace - I went with the chunkier lace

So all I need now is my TNT pattern and I'm all set.

But while I was looking through Zara I also found these great t-shirts that I could use for inspiration:

In my Ebay travels I also found the shop that I bought my last round of dark gray marle - the fabric is on sale for $2.50 a metre at the moment so I am going to stock up. I'm actually wearing the top I made out of it right now - I wear it one I week and the fabric has held up well.

It looks a little brown in the photo but it really it dark gray and would be great for that last Zara top.  I'm pretty sure I have some black pleather at home too!

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