Saturday, January 05, 2013


Author: Miranda Hart
Title: Is It Just Me?
How: Paperback

C and I like to watch QI. Have you seen it? It's a group of comedians getting asked impossible trivia questions. I have my favourite guest comedians, that includes Miranda Hart.

At some stage while I was 'People who liked this also liked' hopping IMDb I saw that she had her own TV series. So I DL it and watched the whole lot in a day. I then made C watch it all with me during the week.

So when I saw her autobiographical book in Dymocks a few weeks ago I swopped it up, made fantastical fish faces of awe, and promplty bought it.

I am trying to pace myself with this - because as shown from above experience I tend to power watch/read anything I love.  So far I have read 3 chapters. In the first two I managed not to laugh our loud, I just made little squirty farty noises as I tried to keep the laugh in,,, but by the third I couldn't help myself.

If you like her TV show then you will like the novel - it's more of the same really.

Author: Diana Wynne Jones
Title: Howl's Moving Castle
How: Kindle

I do love the anime of this novel, I watch it a lot.  I knew it was based on a book, but I swear the last time I looked on Amazon it wasn't there. Last night it was.

I stayed up power reading last time - I didn't finish the novel because I was too sleepy and I know when I have to stop.  See - not addicted.

Ohhhh, but I love this novel.  The movie really reflected so far of what I have read - it 'feels' the same and I love the authors 'voice'. It's dainty, mystical and amusing.

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