Sunday, January 27, 2013

Black and white all over

Took the new overlocker out of the box today! Got cracking on the striped skirt that I have had on my to make list for ages.  

The fabric was a lovely cotton lyrca mix - it's quite thick.  I got it from Joelle's - here. I think I should buy a metre or so more - just in case. I have already made a t-shirt out of it but it looks so square on me so I have yet to wear it officially.

To make my pattern I got out a tube skirt that I already had and measured it up. I made it slightly longer and a little wider for ease, I also added seam allowances and then I just drew the a big rectangle out on the fabric.

I love this look from Clothed Much so much that I think I will copy it. I have a dotty t-shirt somewhere! But I also think it will look great with a solid coloured top.  Me thinks that this skirt has some awesome potential!

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