Friday, January 18, 2013

Aussie Curves - Secondhand

Unlike all the other Aussie Curvers I never find anything nice to wear in the op shops that I have access to.

I often find cute crockery and craft stuff. A week ago C found a stash of books he and a friend need for uni this semester all for under $10 total.

Apart from the dress I used in my pastel post and another top my mum passed on to me, which I'm not to sure looks good on me, I really have no secondhand clothes.

Instead I'm showing you my newest dress and two accessories that are secondhand.

Dress - Virtu
Belt - St Vinnies
Bracelet - C found in a random car park
Shoes - Rubi

I really like the shape of this dress, but I'm disappointed in the fabric quality.

The belt is great but I wanted to try wearing it lower, on my hips but it looks funny cutting me across there.

But anyhow, when I went down the main street yesterday a co-worker gave me a compliment so it mustn't have looked that bad!

 No secondhand clothes? Oh well... 
Look at that sneaky ribbon popping out from the shoulder. Where's the scissors?

Much better. I keep those ribbons and use them to stabalise shoulder seems when I sew my own t-shirts.

Ohh, the shinies


  1. I know what you mean, I have had almost zero success with op shops. Online and clothes swaps though, well that's a different story.

    You look great. Love a belt/maxi combo.

  2. I never have any luck with op shops and clothes either so I feel your pain. Lookin' good xx

  3. I am lucky enough to always find cool stuff. I however could never pull off a maxi/belt combo that you have :)

  4. Thanks for your compliments ladies!