Monday, January 21, 2013

Working on it

I remember one of my Home ec lecturers at uni telling us that we will need a room just so that we can store all of our Home ec resources. She was right.

Downstairs I have boxes and boxes of resources and units of work that I have at one stage taught. They are roughly in subjects - cooking - sewing - relationships - hospitality - and then there is my English, art and Japanese boxes too.

But during the last few years I really wanted to go through them and reads their worth. I know that some of them are priceless and I return to them every two years when I have to teach that unit again. But many of them can go.

So today I started. I went through five boxes and kept barley half of it. I still have quite a few to go.

But the bonus of it all is that I can relocate heaps of my novels down stairs, therefore make more room for my lovely overlocker!!!

I also made time to do my hair - I'll post about it all later. I worked on a unit of work and then went into school for a few hours.

So although it doesn't really look like I've done too much, I really have!

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