Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 Things About Me - Asian dramas

Do you know what an otaku is? 

It's someone who is so into their hobby that it's obsessive - it's usually about anime and manga.  My brother is an otaku. I'm not so much but I do like to read manga comics and watch anime, but I also really love watching Asian dramas. 

Asian dramas are different from western TV shows.  Here, a TV show is made for a season, with the idea that there will be more seasons.  So the storylines get boring or they amp it up by having someone die in the last episode, only to find out that they weren't dead, and then someone starts sleeping with someone they shouldn't and then a stalker comes along... they just keep stringing the characters along. 
Asian dramas are written for one season - and that's your lot burger.  The whole story is usually pieced together and there are very few threads left over at the end of it. I've found it's rare for a second season to be made. 

There are all sorts of genres - but I love romantic comedy the best - even better if there is a food or fashion theme.  

The stories from different countries have different feels about them - I like South Korean and Japanese ones at the moment, but for a while there I was really into Taiwanese.  South Korean stories are wrapped up in a happy ending, they often go past when the couple finally gets together. Japanese stories usually have sadder endings or like there is no real conclusion and the audience is left to assume it.

Nobody I personally know watches them, and I have no idea how I came about it.  I think what puts people off it is that you have to read the subtitles, and in some cases the subtitles are very Engrish. It just makes the whole experience even better I think.

When C and I went to Sydney we went into a shop jam packed with (probably dodgy) Asian drama DVDs. It was so cool, I was walking around pointing out the shows I had watched to C, but then he pointed out that we were the only non-Asians in the shop. So I guess I'm a little more otaku then I like to admit.

This a screen shot of the last movie I watched - Antique Bakery. Good looking men and cakes - how can it get better then that?

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