Monday, April 08, 2013

10 Things About Me - meal planning

I'm not like some blogging meal planning queens that are out there. But I do like to try.

My plans are weekly and even then most weeks don't work out perfectly.

When I'm really up to it I try a new recipe each week.

I try to repeat ingredients during the week, like mushrooms, broccoli, chicken. That way my shopping list is small and fits onto a sticky note.

My husband and I take turns cooking so I leave a few nights were he has to decide what to cook, or I just tell him.

Friday is usually a night out to the pub and on the weekends we tend to be lazy.

Tonight I wanted to try something a little decadent - my husband is going away on a conference. It was really tasty. I added a breast of finely sliced chicken and halved all the other ingredients except for the pasta. There is enough left over to two more meals. So I will probably eat it tomorrow instead of what I had planned.

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