Saturday, April 06, 2013

Taking stock - Thigh Sigh

This is a long awaited Thigh Sigh post for me.

For a little over 12 months I used to post to my blog, Thigh Sigh. Every weekend (almost) I would upload my workout for the week, and make posts about my health etc.  At times it really stressed me out, I got worried about my measurements or I would get depressed because I didn't stick to my schedule.

I thought that this year, I would be more relaxed about it all and just keep a diary of my workouts. I also made a resolution that I would still try to exercise every day.

So - with term 1 down I'm evaluating how I went.

My diary
This is actually going okay - the last few weeks have been sporadic with the end of term and my parents coming to visit.  But I think I will actually go back to planning my week, and write in the diary how I feel about each workout.  Besides I have the most awesome amount of stickers that I love to use in my diary 'entries'.

My workouts
All over the place - I haven't gotten back into the groove.  Planning will help this.  What has also let me down is not going to Zumba classes any more.  The lady that ran them went back to teaching full time so she is totally stuffed after work,,, all teachers know how that feels.  But she says now that she's back in the swing of things she might start Zumba up again.

My trainer?

My measurements
It's kind of sad that my weight has gone back up, and so has all of my cms. But overall I don't really care. My butt looks good (husband approval), my thighs and calves are pretty tight (except for the inner thigh grrr) and I'm confident about my arms. Other areas are still flappy but oh well.

My health
I'm feeling fit and happy. I've started to ween myself of medication with the Doctor's approval.

My resolution
Didn't happen - lack of planning.  However there is one thing that I'm quite chuffed about... Do you have an electric toothbrush? I do, and it has a 2 minute timer.  So while I'm brushing my teeth I fit in 2 minutes of squats, or high knees or whatever.  Twice a day.  But sometimes I get half way through brushing my teeth before I remember.

So my goals for this term are:
- plan workouts
- post workout plans
- buy/make more workout gear so I'm not scrounging around in the morning to find clean ones
- exercise everyday
- be happy

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