Monday, April 08, 2013

10 Things About Me - dyscalculia

What the? Dyscalculia?

It's like dyslexia but for numbers.

You can go here for more info, thanks Wikipedia!

When I was going through primary school I really struggled with maths, but by high school I had formed systems to get me through - I did pretty well in year 11 and 12 actually. 
  • I still don't understand fractions. 
  • I don't know the times tables. 
  • My left from my right - I have to think about it
  • I could never read music even though I played an instrument for 8 years
  • I suck at names.
  • I use an analogue watch to make myself practise reading a clock.
  • My understanding of money is terrible and I can't tell the difference between 1000 and 10,000 - it literally means nothing to me. 
  • I often write numbers mixed up - but when I read them off the paper I will still say them as they should be.
  • I don't know my own mobile phone number, or my husbands.  I know the telephone number for home, my parents and my school - except it recently changed so I really need to practise the new one.

This is self diagnosed, as an adult. I wish some teacher when I was in primary school had understand what was going on with me. 

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