Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Made by me?

Tomorrow most of the sewing blogs that I follow will be posting their Me Made May clothes - basically for the whole month of May they will wear something they have made, every day.

I'm not doing the challenge - although I own a lot of altered clothes and I could use my jewellry to pad it out - I really don't have enough clothes that I made from scratch.

If I counted my bike shorts that I wear under skirts and dresses and my workout leggings then yes I would - but I don't really think they count.

This realization makes me sad. And then I remember that two years ago the only thing that I still had that I made myself was my wedding dress and a jacket that hasn't fit me for years. There once was I time that every skirt I owned I had made.

I realised recently that I am such a meat and potatoes sewer.  I need leggings - I make them. I need bike pants - I make them.  I need a black skirt - I make it.

Last weekend I did actually make an elasticated black skirt - nothing much to it - but it does have Spiderman pockets on the inside.

So I've decided my May is going to be Meat and Potatoes May.  I'm going to make stuff that I need to wear and finish altering stuff that I need to change.

  • Black t-shirts - my other black t-shirts are becoming mis-shapened
  • White t-shirts - because I don't have them - except for the spotted one
  • Take in all my jeggings - yes working out does make it hard to keep your jeggings from falling down. Even my new ones.
  • Make a proper black skirt
  • Make a polka dotted black skirt
  • Make a gallaxy t-shirt and leggings
  • Make a few kimono sleeved tops
Do I think I will make all of this in one month? I doubt it - but I'm going to have a crack at it.

This is the inspiration for my need for white shirts:

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