Monday, April 29, 2013

Cats and rabbits

You are not allowed to own rabbits in Queensland. I once owned a pair of long eared guinea pigs that look just like them - they were lovely pets.

One of my current pets likes to 'help' out when I craft. Yesterday I was threading beads to make a black and white polka dotted necklace when Chihiro wanted some of the action.

Today I wore my new Asos top - the one with bunnies on it!

I like the shirt but it has two issues.

The fabric pulls at the buttons and that's not because it's too tight. I hand sewed the gap that showed my bra but think I will need to sew it all up just to strengthen the fabric.

The other issue is the hem. The hem is so small that it doesn't prevent the overlooked edge from flipping outward and being seen - let alone the loose threads. So I will be reseeding the hem as well.

So glad I didn't pay full price.

Pants - Autograph - they need taking in
Top - Asos
Necklace - I made it

Sorry it all looks so wrinkled - I've been wearing it for almost 12 hours now.

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