Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 Things About Me - Teaching

I am a high school teacher. My majors are English and Home Economics.  

I love teaching. I love interacting with my students. I love planning lessons and units. Today I have been reworking a unit that I call, 'Horrorific'. I can't wait to tear horror texts into shreds to find out how they work with my kids - they obviously have to write a horror short story by the end of it.

I hate the politics. I hate the increasing expectations without the increasing wages. I hate the marginalisation of practical subjects. I'm fine with being told what to teach - that's the way it's always been - not good with being told how to teach. End of rant. Hopefully I won't get fired lol.

I am a senior teacher. I take on leadership roles. I've had some great prac teachers and some not so great prac teachers. I am a mentor and coach.

I must be doing something right because on last year's NAPLAN (the holier than grail test) my students where either  above or substantially above other similar students. I am pretty chuffed for my kids. 

Because of how our school is structured, they come to me in year 7 and stick with me all the way through to year 10 - and then hopefully stay in my English class for senior as well.  So I have to make sure those kids like me and vice versa because we're together to four years.

Teaching is hard but it's more than a job; for me it's a lifestyle.

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