Friday, April 12, 2013

I can do that! Black maxi skirt

So I decided that I would try something totally unoriginal and copy an outfit from a fashion photo. So between trying to finish off my Horrorific English unit, I started pinning outfits that I liked.

I thought I would start out easy though, so today I went with this outfit from  from

How could I not say 'I can do that!'

Maxi skirt - Millers
 In my photos the skirt looks blue - it's not - it's black.

White t-shirt - Virtue
Mine has little polka dots on it but I'm not happy with the fit. 
As soon as I make my own this one's going to visit the island of Saint Vincent.  

 Denim - Dream Diva
I went with a vest because even though today was cooler, it was still too hot to wear a denim jacket. 
It's so old and used, it's missing a button.

Bonus cat (in)action:


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